An AIP book signing weekend

Learning about my autoimmune diseases has opened up a new world of friendships for me.  I met two wonderful women, Mickey Trescott and Sarah Ballantyne, online through my search for health a couple years ago.  Since then, they have both written amazing books.  Mickey is the author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and Sarah is the author of The Paleo Approach and the soon to be released The Paleo Approach Cookbook.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I took the opportunity to take a short vacation to Seattle WA to attend their joint book signing along with Russ Crandall of The Ancestral Table.

My 12 year old son and I took off Thursday afternoon for our 5 hour drive to Whidbey Continue reading

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Give gluten free a try for your health

Originally written July 2013

I’ve been hypo/Hashi for nearly my entire life.  I was on Levothyroxine for over 10 yrs.  In early 2012 I had a food allergy panel done.  I was allergic to dairy (cow casein) and egg whites, but no reaction to gluten.  I immediately eliminated the eggs & dairy and started noticing I was feeling better but Continue reading

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2013-01-26 ~ 2 1/2 yr anniversary

A note from my FaceBook, January 26, 2013

Well, today is 2 1/2 yrs since that first fateful pill of Levaquin.  I’m doing better for now.  Not fantastic, but better.

My ankles are both very stiff this morning, the right one is throbbing and has those shooting, stabbing

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2013 January ~ Flox update

From my FaceBook notes, January 20, 2013

Well, it’s been nearly 2 1/2 yrs since that fateful day I started Levaquin (7/26/2010).

I think this last cycle is almost over.  I’m feeling much better, although I did tweak my back just a week & a half ago.

I’m still taking my supplements.  Although a few things have changed.  My Women to Women’s multi changed their formula and I didn’t tolerate the new formula.  I ended up with much worse PN, brain fog to the point it was scary, tremors like Parkinson, internal tremors, hyperactivity (I think, not sure how to describe it), muscle cramping and tearing (through-out the body)

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Floxed progress as of Sept 2012

I wrote this as a note on Facebook September 7, 2012

Last year I started following the Leavquin Tendonitis Solution ( and levaquin-tendonitis-solution.html) from Kerri & Joshua.   I still don’t do everything as there is so much to change, you can’t change all at once.  I’ve read the eBook about 5 times and learn something new each time.

My nightmare started July 26, 2010. For me, my ankles turned black and blue within 2 days, yet it took me 9 days to figure out what was going on and to stop taking Levaquin.  I then called the pharm & doc and both just basically shrugged their shoulders.  My doc was dumbfounded as he’s prescribed this “1000s of times without any problems”.  A couple visits later we were talking and I convinced him to look

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2011-07-26 ~ 1 yr Floxing Anniversary

This is a note I wrote on my FaceBook July 26, 2011

Today is my 1 yr anniversary from antibiotic poisoning.  Thanks to Johnson & Johnson for their Flouroquinolones (Cipro & Levaquin) my life will never be the same.  I took 9 doses of Levaquin starting 07-26-10 for a respiratory infection.  After 3 days my ankles were black and blue and really hurt.  But, who would have thought an antibiotic would cause my

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2014 Paleo F(x)

I was fortunate to attend Paleo F(x) in Austin last week.  I had a fantastic time and learned a little along the way too.  I was able to meet many of my mentors in health including:


Each of these people are amazing and wonderful individuals.  The conference confirmed for me I am on the right path to healing.  Eating whole, clean foods to nourish and fuel my body.  A few take-aways include: Continue reading

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