Before starting a family, my husband called me MomLady.  Calvin & Hobbes is his favorite cartoon and Calvin would call his mom, MomLady.  I live in Oregon with my husband of 22 years, our 15 & 12 yr old boys, and two dogs.  I was poisoned by an antibiotic called Levaquin in July 2010.  Levaquin is a Fluoroquinolone and a chemotherapeutic drug.  For the last nearly 4 years, I have been researching what caused such strong, negative, long lasting “side effects” to the Levaquin and how I might overcome the adverse reactions.

During this process, I’ve learned I have multiple autoimmune disorders (first one diagnosed when I was a kid), which in turn means I have a leaky gut.  For me, the floxing (the process of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity) was just the straw which broke the camel’s back.  I had no idea just how sick I was.  Yes, I was hypothyroid and had psoriasis among other issues, but really, I was a pretty “healthy”, average American; eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).  In reality, my body was crumbling beneath me.  It was just a matter of time before something would give; whether it was diabetes, cancer, heart disease, you name it.

I am also a survivor of childhood incest.  I hope over the next few years to write my story and show the world you can overcome such horrific challenges.  I would never wish my life on anyone, but those experiences have made me the person I am today; which is a loving, caring, strong leader.

As for my AIs, I have (or had) Hashimoto’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis, Raynaud’s, Roseacea, and cold induced Urticaria.

Welcome to my journey.


2 Responses to About

  1. oldsunbird says:

    I like your blog. I think I’ll learn a lot from you. I was just recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and wondering what to eat and where to find it. Right now I’m trying to eliminate gluten. My best to you. I hope you regain that good health soon!


    • MomLadyOR says:

      Thanks! It’s been a long journey, but so worth every minute of it. Good luck eliminating gluten. It takes awhile to get use to, but once you do, it’s not so hard. Here’s to your health too!


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