My Functional Diagnosis

May 22, 2015

I met with my new functional neurology doctor yesterday about my overall evaluation and my four Cyrex labs; arrays 4, 5, 10, & 11.

I have basal ganglia damage, presumably from a car wreck when I was almost 12 (broke my neck but never treated) and then other head/neck injuries (being thrown from a horse, soccer ball to the face, golf ball to the temple, etc). The doc believes he can correct this damage which affects the cerebellum and right brain. This was amazing news to me and exciting because he can correct my tremor (which I’ve had since 27 – I’m now 51).

I’m still showing indications of a leaky gut, leaky brain, and leaky skin (just confirmed what I already knew).

Array 4 – If I understand everything correctly, this tells us I cannot eat Sorghum or Teff as I react to them as if they are gluten. It’s not a complete test as I haven’t eaten any of these items (except tapioca and egg) for years.

Array 5 – This was hopeful and disheartening at the same time. Hopeful because I only have 1 item out of norms. Disheartening because it is the worst on the list. Producing antibodies to phospholipids means I am attacking (or can attack) every cell in my entire body. It is most commonly associated with strokes, but at this time I do not have other indicators of stroke. This along with array 11 shows I have to calm my immune system so when I encounter something I react to I won’t be overly zealous and attack my entire body. Both of these arrays tell me this is why my wonderful AIP diet has been a huge help but not the complete answer for me.

Array 10 – This tells us I still have a leaky gut. In addition to the foods I react to, I now need to remove more things like Salmon, Asparagus, and raw carrots to name a few. These are foods I should be able to eventually add back in moderation, but for now none…

Array 11 – Again this was hopeful and disheartening. Hopeful because I am only reacting to 1 chemical tested, but disheartening because it’s one of the worst. Formaldehyde is in just about everything and I encounter it regularly. Although I need to minimize my exposure when possible (use glass rather than plastic – which I already do) ultimately I need to calm my immune system to help it react appropriately when I do get exposed. This is why I’m still in a flare and have not been able to get 100% better because I haven’t been able to completely remove my triggers.

Treatment plan – in addition to my brain exercises (physical, visual, and electric zaps) I need to continue my version of AIP. Doc wanted me to take Apex Tumero & Apex Resvero but they both have xanthum gum and Resvero has corn derived citric acid (neither of which I tolerate). Just to prove to him, I did take them and did react. I’m already taking high doses of turmeric with black pepper so I will continue that. I had way more energy with the Resvero so have found a clean powder to add to my homemade liposomal Vit C. and will try that this weekend.

We need to add glutathione, but I have reacted negatively twice so we need to use a glutathione recycler to try to get my pathways opened. He fully admitted he had heard of cases like mine but had not personally encountered someone who was not able to take glutathione. In conversations with his colleagues, he knows to start the recycler then about 2 weeks later add molybdenum but wasn’t sure of the dosage. He hesitated for a moment and then said “but I have faith you’ll know how to figure this out”. I guess that’s what I like about him. He’s not threatened by my knowledge.

So, I started the recycler on Thursday, am adjusting my diet and will see him again in 2 weeks. Here’s to hoping I’ve found my root causes and can finally get over that last hurdle which has been holding me back for so long.


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