A slippery slope

In 2013, after finding my way to an autoimmune paleo protocol, I was feeling pretty good. Many of my symptoms were in remission and I was losing weight. People were commenting on how great I looked because my face was glowing, no puffy eyes, my hair was soft and silky, and I just plain felt great!

After 6 to 8 months of feeling good, I finally decided to take the plunge and try to reintroduce some foods. There are some I’ve had no reactions to, like almonds or pecans. Some I still can’t tolerate like tomatoes or walnuts, and then some I think I do OK with but I really wonder if they are OK and if not what is it doing to me that I can’t see…

I had Pad Thai at a favorite restaurant. Two “no-no’s” for me… rice noodles and peanuts. Last time I had eaten this very dish was probably spring of 2011; at which time I quickly learned I would have upper back pain and inflammation for at least 3 days. This time however, no reaction. Huh… well, I know my gut has been healing. But is it ok for me to eat grains and legumes?

After watching everything I’ve eaten for a few years now, I really wanted to not have to be quite so diligent. So, Pad Thai one weekend, then eggs for breakfast, some store bought GF cookies, and before you know it, I’m feeling crappy; puffy eyes, gained 4 lbs over night, achy, no energy, blurry eyes, tremors, hair becoming dull, starting to lose more hair, mild PMS, and the list goes on. Yes, I have had more stress lately, so maybe that’s a factor. But, based on me and my history, I’d be willing to bet, it’s more the diet which has shifted things. I’ve had just as much stress before and was able to handle it without issue. I feel since I haven’t been treating my body right lately, it can’t handle the stress as well as when I was eating really well. So, for me, that package of store bought GF “Oreo’s” was not worth it. Yes, they tasted great, but once again, I’m reminded why this lifestyle is so important for me.

For now, I’m back to the basics. It seems being diligent is actually a lot easier for me than allowing myself an indulgence here or there. As every time I tell myself “oh just this once” it turns into more of the 90-10 rule (except for gluten ~ I will NEVER knowingly budge on that). Before you know it, is it really 90-10? Or is it 80-20 and then my body starts fighting again and slowly the prior problems start creeping back in. It really is a slippery slope and once I start down it, my feet slip and I pick up speed. I need to remember (at least for now) I can’t get so close to the edge. I must keep both feet solidly grounded in my 100% autoimmune paleo lifestyle.

MomLady OR


About MomLadyOR

Learning to love the Autoimmune Paleo way of life and healing through nutrition.
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