4th anniversary of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Well, it’s been 4 yrs since that fateful doctor’s visit when they prescribed me Levaquin and forever changed my life.  I’m not back to “normal” but doing fairly well.  I’ve learned so much over the last 4 yrs which I believe I may have never learned had I not been flox’d.  Although I don’t wish this on even my worst enemy, I have taken this tragedy and turned it around to learn from it.  I now live a much healthier, cleaner life-style; not only with my food, but with body products and household products too.

I’ve learned about GMO’s.

I’ve learned about Omega 3’s & 6’s and how out of balance we are.

I’ve learned about leaky gut.

I’ve learned my skin is my largest organ and what I put on it is as important as what I put in my mouth.

I’ve learned that all my “illnesses” are autoimmune diseases which are related to leaky gut.

I’ve learned that doctors don’t know everything.

I’ve learned there isn’t a pill to fix everything.

I’ve learned about MTHFR and SNPs.

I’ve learned how food can and is medicine for our bodies.

I’ve learned I’m the only one who can help myself.

I’ve learned to teach my sons a better way.

I’ve learned Fluoroquinolones don’t define me.

I’ve learned I am a very strong, amazing person who loves life and will keep digging and researching until I’m healthier than ever before.

I’ve learned the old saying “you are what you eat” actually has truth to it.  If you eat a $1 fast food burger, you’ll look like a buck; but if you spend the time and money to invest in your nutrition, you’ll reap the benefits of it.

I feel better at 50 than I did at 40; even with my bum ankle.  I have more energy, my skin is more clear, my eyebrows are growing back, my hair is getting thicker, my lab #s are all back within “norms”, I don’t ache all the time, and the list goes on.

Yes, floxing has been horrible.  I don’t miss the bugs crawling on me, the hallucinations, the dementia, the peripheral neuropothy, the ringing in my ears, not being able to stand, the blurred vision, etc, etc… But, I love my new healthy life and I look forward to learning more about gene expression and how to continue healing naturally.


About MomLadyOR

Learning to love the Autoimmune Paleo way of life and healing through nutrition.
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