Farmers Market

Do you frequent your farmer’s market?  I remember growing up in a very conservative family and only “hippies” went to Saturday Market and Farmers Market.  We always avoided downtown on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  It wasn’t until I worked downtown in the early 90’s and got to see first hand what the Tuesday farmers market was.  It was amazing!  I can’t believe I had missed out on all this amazing farm fresh food, right here in downtown!  I didn’t have to drive to the country and go to 2 or 3 farms, they all came to me!  So, now, either I’m a hippie too, or just all kinds of people from all walks of life partake in the joys of farmers market.  Either way, I love it.

I am so glad I have found this amazing venue for fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, nuts; basically anything grown on a farm.  I’m fortune to have my farmers market open 3 days each week.  They can trace their roots back to 1915.  There are over 85 growers & producers and it spans the length of 3 city blocks.

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  1. Betsy Cruickshank says:

    It is great to see you blogging. I will follow along!

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