Floxed progress as of Sept 2012

I wrote this as a note on Facebook September 7, 2012

Last year I started following the Leavquin Tendonitis Solution (www.tendonitisexpert.com and levaquin-tendonitis-solution.html) from Kerri & Joshua.   I still don’t do everything as there is so much to change, you can’t change all at once.  I’ve read the eBook about 5 times and learn something new each time.

My nightmare started July 26, 2010. For me, my ankles turned black and blue within 2 days, yet it took me 9 days to figure out what was going on and to stop taking Levaquin.  I then called the pharm & doc and both just basically shrugged their shoulders.  My doc was dumbfounded as he’s prescribed this “1000s of times without any problems”.  A couple visits later we were talking and I convinced him to look

at 1/2 dozen younger (not seniors) patients who misteriously had needed walkers with no logical reason (all had been to neuros for testing to figure out what).  All of them had been given Levaquin.  He just said he was sorry and had no idea what to do for me.  So, with that, I stopped trusting docs and decided to take things into my own hands.

I had already started watching labels and had gotten rid of all products with HFCS and hydrogenated oils in them.  About 3 months out I purchased Kerri’s book and increased chelated magnesium to the point I could tolerate.  I found a topical magnesium and would rub on my ankles & wrists (worst points for me) after shower and then again before bed.  It would burn horribly, but the burning would stop within 20 minutes, so I trusted it was helping (update – I later learned the burning was from a deficiency).  On really bad days I would soak my feet/legs in Epsom salts for at least 30 minutes.

I found weekly massage to be of benefit.  I also found out I was vitamin D deficient and started taking 8000 IU of D3 daily (I use an oil as I didn’t see any benefit with pills).  If I felt like I was getting worn down or sick, I’d chew an additional 6-12,000 vit d gummies.  I swear by the vit D.  It’s given me so much more strength and energy.  I started making bone broth and using it in my cooking.  During the winter I would drink a mug of it like hot tea.

After 6-8 months I was feeling a lot better, but not 100% yet.  I just “plugged along” for the next 6-8 months until I finally decided to pay for a visit with a ND (my insurance won’t cover ND). Through a few visits with my ND, I realized I was a very sick person and just didn’t know it.  My adrenals are probably shot (test was too expensive, but based on symptoms and reaction to adrenal supplements); I’ve had psoriasis for at least 30 years (I’m 48); I was diagnoised with hypothyrodism 13 years ago, but I believe it’s been more like 35 yrs of my life.  We decided to do food allergy testing which showed I’m highly allergic to eggs & dairy (and of course I ate tons of both!).  In Feb 2012 I stopped eating dairy & eggs in all forms. Boy is that a chore; having to read all labels for things other than “milk”, “eggs”, etc, like whey or casein.  After 2 months my improvement with psoriasis plateaued so we decided to do an elimination diet and I eliminated all grains.  Oh, I also gave up all artificial ingredients around Christmas 2011.  I started noticing if I had Splenda in my tea I’d be in major all over pain within 4 hours.  After 2 weeks no grains, I ate plenty of wheat products one day.  The next day I couldn’t get out of bed I hurt so bad.  So, I’ve been gluten free ever since (late April 2012).  Most of my problems are autoimmune which the US thinks of each of them as their own disease.  Other countries believe autoimmune diseases are symptoms of gluten allergies.

I’m gluten, dairy & egg free.  Eat only whole foods which I know where they came from.  I try to buy organic when I can, and specifically avoid all GMO foods.  If I eat out, unless I know the sources of their ingredients, I can almost guarantee I’ll have a flare-up.  I only eat 100% grass fed beef from my local butcher.  I find pork & nightshares (tomatoes) tend to cause more inflamation, so I avoid them as much as I can, but I love tomotoes, so that’s one I still have a little of daily.

I started soaking/sprouting all grains before eating them.  I’ve self diagnoised myself as having leaky gut and Hashimotos (not just hypothyroidism).  I love listening & learning from Chris Kresser.  I have read most all GAPS & paleo type diet theories and have adapted a mix of all of them.

I started making water Kefir in May and drink 1 quart every 2 days. So, my supplements now are (and I had to work up to some of these):

*Women to Women Essential Nutrients – it’s basically a bioidentical woman’s multivitamin.

*Barlean’s Fish Oil Omega 3 (2 softgels am & 2 pm) total 740 EPA & 460 DHA each dose.

*Doctor’s Best 100% Chelated magnesium 600 mg taken at bed.

*Adrenal Support Plus by Biogenesis 1 capsule each morning (after eating)

*Oregon’s Wild Harvest Turmeric 2 capsules each morning; 3 if swollen or in pain. If in pain, may take another 3 in afternoon.

*8 oz water kefir in am and another 8 oz at bed.

*Carlson D drops liquid vit d3; 8000 IU at bed.

*Massage every 2 weeks (I think I’d be better if I could afford weekly, but you do what you can).

I’m feeling much stronger and started lifting light weights last spring.  I found summer to be too busy and just started again this week.  I do upper body and hips, but no legs and avoid stressing my ankles. 

I guess my take on all of this all floxies were unhealthy to start (the entire reason we took the quins in the first place) and each of us just needs to determine what our body is trying to say.  For me, it’s screaming stay away from GLUTEN!!  My psoriasis is 80% cleared just by changing my diet.  I think it may take another year or two, but I believe I’m on the road to health.

I also nursed 2 boys (13 & 10) and my husband through the flu and then older son and husband through pnemonia and managed to stay healthy myself this last year!!

I am a survivor!  I will overcome this…



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Learning to love the Autoimmune Paleo way of life and healing through nutrition.
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