2013 January ~ Flox update

From my FaceBook notes, January 20, 2013

Well, it’s been nearly 2 1/2 yrs since that fateful day I started Levaquin (7/26/2010).

I think this last cycle is almost over.  I’m feeling much better, although I did tweak my back just a week & a half ago.

I’m still taking my supplements.  Although a few things have changed.  My Women to Women’s multi changed their formula and I didn’t tolerate the new formula.  I ended up with much worse PN, brain fog to the point it was scary, tremors like Parkinson, internal tremors, hyperactivity (I think, not sure how to describe it), muscle cramping and tearing (through-out the body)

and extreme muscle weakness.

My supplement regime is now:

*Nature Throid 1 grain (was on Levothyroxine 88 mcg for 13 yrs, just switched after Christmas) within 1 hour of waking ~ normally it’s the first thing I do even before the bathroom (otherwise I forget!).

After breakfast I take:

*Source Naturals Life Force Multi

*Barlean’s Fish Oil Omega 3 (2 softgels am & 2 pm) total 740 EPA & 460 DHA each dose

*Adrenal Support Plus by Biogenesis 1 capsule each morning (after eating) along with a 2nd capsule in mid-afternoon.

*Oregon’s Wild Harvest Turmeric 2 capsules each morning; 3 if swollen or in pain. If in pain, may take another 3 in afternoon.

*Carlson D drops liquid vit d3; 12,000 IU in am. (was 8,000 but my levels decreased this last year).

*1 soaked brazil nut (selenium)

*8 oz water kefir in am and another 8 oz at bed (this provides millions of fresh probiotics).

At bed I take:

*Doctor’s Best 100% Chelated magnesium 600 mg taken at bed.

Along with my 2nd dose of fish oil (see above).

At least 1 tablespoon Bubbie’s fermented sauerkraut.

I also try to get at least 1 C of bone broth during the day.  Most days I use it in something (like a soup) but sometimes I’ll just drink it like tea.

I noticed I do better when I soak my ankles for at least 1/2 hour in Epsom Salts; so I try to do that nightly, but I’m not always able to.

For now, my crawling bugs are gone, my pins & needles are gone, my internal tremors (vibrations) are gone, my muscle spasms seem to be gone, the brain fog is gone, my right ankle still hurts a little but I’m getting around.  Just don’t ask me to go running anytime soon.  🙂  My eyes are still bothering me.  Sometimes they’re crystal clear but other times they are blurry but not just at a certain distance, it’s all areas.  So, I don’t think my eyesight is changing, it’s more like my muscles are tired and just can’t do anymore.

I think I’ve finally resolved myself to the idea that I can’t eat any of my questionable foods.  If I do, I have a flare.  Some flares are floxie related while other flares might just be from food allergies.  But, whichever the case, I’m realizing it’s not worth it.

I now avoid gluten at all cost and mostly all grains; with the exception of rice flour occasionally for cupcakes or cake (just on special occasions), no dairy, no eggs (I tried duck eggs, but think they still caused a little bit of inflammation for me, so think I need to still avoid), absolutely no soy, nightshades (tomato, potato and sweet peppers), nothing processed, no vegetable or canola oils, no-GMOs (as long as I can tell, if I can’t I’ll typically avoid), no pork, only grass-fed beef, wild Pacific caught fish (that I know the source and is flash frozen on the boat) and pastured, non-antibiotic chicken.  I’m still soaking my nuts & seeds and have started making my own almond milk.

I recently realized the coconut milk yogurt I’m eating has carrageenan in it; which is a known inflammatory food.  My edema is much less and almost gone when I don’t eat it, so I’m trying to find an alternative for breakfast (aside from last night’s dinner).  I used to make my own cow’s milk yogurt (before finding I’m allergic to the casein) so I’ve attempted almond & coconut milk yogurts, but have not yet had success.

I rarely eat out as I almost always will have a flare.  Mostly really stiff, achy feeling the next 24-36 hrs.  It’s just not worth it.  Fortunately we do have a couple places which only use organic, free range, non-antibiotic, non-GMO, etc, etc ingredients, so those are the places we do go to but even then, it’s still likely I’ll have a mild reaction.

I had a glutathione IV on January 7th and it caused me to go into a horrific detox.  Almost exactly 48 hours of fever, chills and horrible body aches.  It wasn’t the flu as I didn’t have any mucus, no sore throat and no respiratory issues.  It left nearly as quickly as it came.  My body was so tired and sore from the detox that when I went to load the clothes into the dryer my back snapped.  Something in my lower back.   Almost like menstrual cramps, but 100 times worse.  Used lots of heat packs on my back and took Turmeric 3 capsules every 5 hrs which really helped.

So, for now I’m doing really well.  The minor issues I still have I’m choosing to ignore (well, not dwell on… I still know they’re there and I’m cautious ~ especially with my right ankle).  I’m feeling stronger and healthier.  I noticed I can even stand on one foot without holding anything and don’t fall over!  It may seem small to a non-floxie, but to me that’s huge.

I need to live my life.  I even stood on the mountain side for 2 hours watching my boys take snow boarding lessons and walked quite a bit that day.

I know my story has already saved a couple of lives… people who actually listened and told their doctors “no”.

So, for now, I’m happy, healthy, loving life and all my new changes.  I would never wish this experience on anyone but as I’ve said with many trials in my life, without them I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today.  This experience has taken me on a journey of prayer and healing.  I know I’m teaching my boys to live healthier lives than I would have; all because of this.  So, that’s my positive in this nightmare.

I pray this up-cycle is my last and that I won’t have another down-cycle.  I’ll keep you posted.


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Learning to love the Autoimmune Paleo way of life and healing through nutrition.
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