2013-01-26 ~ 2 1/2 yr anniversary

A note from my FaceBook, January 26, 2013

Well, today is 2 1/2 yrs since that first fateful pill of Levaquin.  I’m doing better for now.  Not fantastic, but better.

My ankles are both very stiff this morning, the right one is throbbing and has those shooting, stabbing

pains down the Achilles.  Albeit I did do a “lot” of standing yesterday (over 3 hours at one time).

But, many of the other things have subsided.  The brain fog and confusion is pretty much gone, I haven’t heard my ear ring 24/7 for a couple weeks now (yes, it rings occasionally, but at least it’s not constant).  My “butterfingers” seem to be gone for now.  My thumbs aren’t hurting.  I feel stronger and actually can stand on one leg to put pants on without holding onto anything!!  Yeah!  I know to most people that will seem silly, but to a floxie, that’s a major accomplishment.  The constantly crawling “bugs” are gone, my PN is not noticeable (maybe it’s gone?).  I haven’t heard phantom sounds for awhile now.  My hives and rashes seem to be gone; although I still have my psoriasis, but it is improving.  I haven’t been “agitated” for a few weeks (not sure if they’re anxiety attacks or what).  Pulse has been “normal” for a couple months now.  No episodes of racing heart beat.  Oh, and I have energy!  Maybe not enough to run a marathon, but at least I get through the day without struggling.

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner of food.  Can’t eat this, must eat that… but, I’ve learned what’s worth “cheating” on and what isn’t.

I also had a realization a few weeks ago and am still waiting on records, but I was put on IV antibiotics 01/08/2002 when I gave birth to my second.  I spiked a fever for an unknown reason.  I was in the hospital for 4 days; doing well, getting up and walking around.  The day after I got home, I had gone to bed and woke an hour later in excruciating pain.  My entire body felt like it was crushing on itself.  I found out I separated the pubis symphasis.  Now knowing what I know, I truly wonder if that was my first floxing.  It took months of PT to heal.  At first I couldn’t walk, couldn’t get from one position to another; couldn’t even go to the bathroom myself and I was trying to nurse a newborn and take care of a toddler!  I had to sleep in the recliner because the flatness of the bed made everything crush.  I ended up having alternating mastitis and breast yeast infections.  After 4 months my son was failing to thrive and I was “forced” to stop breastfeeding.  He ended up with GERD and was on zantac until he was nearly 2.  And, yes, I nursed in the hospital because they told me it was fine; the drugs wouldn’t cross over and if they did it would be so minor he wouldn’t be affected.   When I was floxed in 7/2010, my pain in my pubis symphasis returned.  Nothing like the first time, but definitely swollen and sore.

So, for now, once I’m up and get my ankles moving (can barely walk at first), life is good.  I am going to beat this.  It may take years, but I’m going to do it.  The sun is trying to peak out this morning.  It’s a beautiful day.


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Learning to love the Autoimmune Paleo way of life and healing through nutrition.
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