2014 Paleo F(x)

I was fortunate to attend Paleo F(x) in Austin last week.  I had a fantastic time and learned a little along the way too.  I was able to meet many of my mentors in health including:


Each of these people are amazing and wonderful individuals.  The conference confirmed for me I am on the right path to healing.  Eating whole, clean foods to nourish and fuel my body.  A few take-aways include:

  •  Eating awful offal is extremely beneficial for health.  The Paleo Mom taught everyone a little trick to eat your liver if you really can’t gag it down.  Blend 1/4 liver with ground beef or lamb to make burgers, meatloaf, or Shepard’s Pie.  Another option is to cut the liver into pill size pieces and then freeze them for at least two weeks to kill the pathogens.  Then, pop a few “pills” each day.  I need to try this!  🙂
  • A common theme among speakers was to avoid gluten, dairy, and other cross-reactive foods if you have autoimmune issues.  I have been eating a modified AutoImmune Protocol/Paleo diet for a few years now and couldn’t agree more.
  • Cholesterol is a building block for many other functions in your body.  Low cholesterol can be just as harmful as high cholesterol; and maybe even more-so.  I found it interesting heart disease is the only time doctors treat the “risk of disease” rather than treating the disease itself.  Triglycerides seem to be a better indicator of health than cholesterol.
  • Anyone living above the 35th parallel should supplement for Vitamin D3 daily; especially from November through April when the sun is the farthest from the earth.  Using sunscreen reduces absorption 90-95%.
  • All autoimmune diseases combined are the #3 cause of death in America.  Depending on the statistic, celiac and hashi’s are the #1 & #2 (or vice-versa) autoimmune diseases.  Celiacs only account for 12% of all those with a gluten immune reactivity.
  • Genes are not our destiny.  As we learn more about our variations, the more we can learn how to live with them and be healthy.
  • And finally, RDAs are established for avoidance of disease rather than optimal health.

Now to go buy some liver and try those “pills”…


About MomLadyOR

Learning to love the Autoimmune Paleo way of life and healing through nutrition.
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  1. I’m with you on the liver pills! Thanks for the idea!

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