A Year (or more) in Review

At the start of a New Year, it seems traditional to reflect on the ups and downs of the prior year.  In doing so, I realize I’ve been plugging along and somewhat frustrated.

2013 was a wonderful year for me.  Things started falling in place, my hair started growing back, I was loosing weight without Continue reading

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A slippery slope

In 2013, after finding my way to an autoimmune paleo protocol, I was feeling pretty good. Many of my symptoms were in remission and I was losing weight. People were commenting on how great I looked because my face was glowing, no puffy eyes, my hair was soft and silky, and I just plain felt great!

After 6 to 8 months of feeling good, I finally decided to take the plunge and try to reintroduce some foods. There are some I’ve had no reactions to, like almonds or pecans. Some I still can’t tolerate like tomatoes or Continue reading

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Guest post for Mickey Trescott

Mickey over at AutoImmune-Paleo.com is busy moving, so I wrote a guest post for her; Living Outside the Beehive.  It’s about my experience learning to listen to my body.

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4th anniversary of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Well, it’s been 4 yrs since that fateful doctor’s visit when they prescribed me Levaquin and forever changed my life.  I’m not back to “normal” but doing fairly well.  I’ve learned so much over the last 4 yrs which I believe I may have never learned had I not been flox’d.  Although I don’t wish this on even my worst enemy, I have taken this tragedy and turned it around to learn from it.  I now live a much healthier, cleaner life-style; not only with my Continue reading

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Farmers Market

Do you frequent your farmer’s market?  I remember growing up in a very conservative family and only “hippies” went to Saturday Market and Farmers Market.  We always avoided downtown on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  It wasn’t until I worked downtown in the early 90’s and got to see first hand what the Tuesday farmers market was.  It was amazing!  I can’t believe I had missed out on all this amazing farm fresh food, right here in downtown!  I didn’t have to drive to the country and go to 2 or 3 farms, they all came to Continue reading

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An AIP book signing weekend

Learning about my autoimmune diseases has opened up a new world of friendships for me.  I met two wonderful women, Mickey Trescott and Sarah Ballantyne, online through my search for health a couple years ago.  Since then, they have both written amazing books.  Mickey is the author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and Sarah is the author of The Paleo Approach and the soon to be released The Paleo Approach Cookbook.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I took the opportunity to take a short vacation to Seattle WA to attend their joint book signing along with Russ Crandall of The Ancestral Table.

My 12 year old son and I took off Thursday afternoon for our 5 hour drive to Whidbey Continue reading

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Give gluten free a try for your health

Originally written July 2013

I’ve been hypo/Hashi for nearly my entire life.  I was on Levothyroxine for over 10 yrs.  In early 2012 I had a food allergy panel done.  I was allergic to dairy (cow casein) and egg whites, but no reaction to gluten.  I immediately eliminated the eggs & dairy and started noticing I was feeling better but Continue reading

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